Soy Un Perdedor

Spurs lost. I don't want to talk about it.

On the other hand, lunch at the OG's today with A.Shine! Yeah! Happy dance to that!

The Smoodge had an appointment with the gastro yesterday, and now we have to go see a surgeon so HE can tell us what needs to be done. THEN, later on, her PCP called with the blood work results from her 18 month visit, when we found the stones, and her levels are more elevated than the first time. The only semi good news we got was that her chromosome 10 deletions may be why she's having these issues. It's not good news, per se, but it's information, and at this point, information IS a good thing. I spend so much time in the dark about this stuff that it can easily drive one crazy.

Alright, back to work....well, at least gotta get back to pretending to work. It's a rough task, but somebodies got to do it :)