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Happy Halloween!

My Little Butterfly Fairy

Is this thing still on?

Hello blog world? Took me awhile to dust off the cobwebs, but I'm still here! It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and right now I'm posting at work because my computer at home is unplugged. Why, you ask? Because I'm moving. This weekend. I KNOW! But I digress...

After my last post, The Smoodge and I came down with the stomach flu. Now, I don't know if you've ever had the stomach flu before, but I think that it's something that should have it's own month, bracelets, and perhaps a support group. Holy cow. I thought I was going to die. I've never had my intestines do an impersonation of a shot gun before. Being more than five feet away from a toilet was a risky maneuver, and a chance I dared not take. So for about 6 days me and the little one got to suffer through that. She was much braver than I was. I was fully prepared to put my pain and suffering on display on the couch, but I had to make sure she was fed and what not. CPS frowns on y…

Hooray for Friday!

Today's gonna be a good day. It's World Mental Health Day, which means I am totally justified in skipping out on the afternoon. And oh yeah, I'm gonna. Granted, I'll be spending the afternoon doing my daughter's homework...again...that's due today (she gets my procrastination gene...but technically maybe not, because she's 2, and she has no idea she has homework, so it's me who is procrastinating. I don't care, I just like saying procrastinating). But before that, I'm going to do collections here at work, which always makes me happy, because I get to say GIMME MY MONEY BITCH to a lot of people. Only more professional. And maybe not say bitch. Until I hang up the phone. Then after that, BIG LOU's. You don't EVEN know about some Big Lou's. Great stuff, and makes for even better leftovers. The best is leaving it in your car all day while you work, then going out in the evening for the drive home, opening that car door, and h…

Self Debate

Today is the first day of four that The Smoodge has visitation with her dad.  Well, potentially four.  Until she turns three, we have an interesting visitation schedule.  For the last two years, he gets her on his days off, from 7:30am until 5pm.  The exception of that is the weekends, which he only gets the first weekend he's off in the month.  Once she turns two, he gets one 24 hour period with her a month, and when she's two and a half, he gets one 48 hour period with her a month.  Once she turns three, we'll go to standard visitation.  To make it weirder, his schedule is one where he works five days, with four days off, then five more days, with four days off, then SIX days, then four days off, repeat.
I'll give you a minute to do that math.
All caught up?  Fantastic, let's move on.  The Smoodge turns 2 next month.  Which means as of this moment, no overnights.  Next month?  One overnight.  This month?  None.  November?  One.  October?  None.  Right now-....okay,…

Hard To Read, Hard to Write

I've actually been kind of dreading writing this post. But I know I need to, because I need to get it off my chest. It's been haunting me, and it's something that I talk myself through in the shower, and on my way to work once I've dropped off The Smoodge, and pretty much any time during the day that I'm not able to occupy my thoughts with something else. I'm hoping that by writing all this jumbly mess in my head down, I'll stop being so afraid. Deep we go... There's a blog that I love to read, and yet every time I go to click on it, I hesitate. Sometimes to the point that I don't actually click on it. Sometimes when I click on it, and it takes more than 2 seconds to load, I'll take that as an excuse not to let it load and hurriedly click on the next blog in my line up (and yes, I have a blog line up. same order, every day, at the same time, not a moment before. thanks Dad, for the OCD!). I really do love reading it, but this blog, …


Hi there.  I'm still here.  I have two posts that have been forming in my head for the past week that are filled with all kinds of meaning and insight, and at some point I'll stick them on here, but now I'm afraid that I'm building them up too much and when I actually get them posted everyone will read it and think wow, I'm so glad she waited a week to post about the three toed sloth.  Not that my post is about the three toed sloth, but you know what I mean.  Ugh.  Anyway.
I'm still here.  I will post again soon.  Probably not tonight.  Maybe tonight.  I don't know, let's wing it, shall we?  See ya soon!
Is it weird that I just did a spell check on the above?  I mean, it's what?  Three sentences?  Two?  All small words.  Not like I attempted to tackle that superfragi- word from Mary Poppins.  And I totally almost misspelled Poppins as Poopins.
And yes, I just spell checked that above paragraph as well.