Slow Thursday

The Smoodge has a doctor's appointment today with the gastroenterologist's nurse. It was originally set up as a check up on how she's doing on the Prevacid, but now that she has kidney stones, I'm hoping the doctor will be able to stop in. That may mean we sit for a while waiting. Which reminds me, hold on a second, I've got to Google where that damn office is....

Okay, I'm back. Anyway, the POINT in all that was that's all I'm waiting for today. Payroll is done, thank god, and yeah, sure, there are things I could be doing, but who wants to when there are new things on Etsy to discover, games to play, wikipedia articles to read, and thanks to catkins, about 4 hundred billion television shows and movies to get caught up on. With all that, I'm just not sure I have time for work today.


April D. said...

You're supposed to link all that cool stuff so I can effortlessly see what you're talking about! Pretty please? Eh, with my luck, the Barracuda will get to it first. Drat.