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In order for this story to reach its full potential in hilarity, there are a couple of little tid-bits of information you need to know first.
So I got the Palm Pre, right? And I'm still learning my way through all the intricacies of this new AWESOMEness. That's the first thing you need to know.
Second, in my phone, my ex is labelled as The Ass. I do this for a couple of reasons. One, seeing his name makes my butt pucker, so changing it to The Ass makes me happy, even if for a few seconds prior to reading whatever random word vomit he's decided to spew on me at that moment. And two, because I have a couple of people in my phone who have the name 'James', this keeps him from being lumped in with people I like.
Ok. So. Today I had to take the monkey to the doctor for an ear infection. And being the award winning mother of the year I am, I figured I should probably let the sperm donor know about it. Plus the divorce decree makes me, but that's this whole othe…

Horrifying and Awesome

It's like when you see a car accident, and you don't want to look, even slightly ridiculing others that do, but you still can't look away.
Like that, but better.  And worse.  

Click that.  I swear to you it will be worth it.  And click more than once.  Don't be shy.  
I'm totally not judging you right now.  I promise.