New Purse

For Mother's Day my 18 month old daughter got me a Coach purse (via my mother). Those of you that know me know that I'm not all girly like that. My idea of a good purse is one that fits all my crap, leaves me hands free for Smoodge carrying, doesn't cost more than 15 bucks, and isn't so big as to need it's own time zone. So when this $250 collection of leather, suede, and some other type of material showed up for me, I was a little afraid to touch it. I mean, seriously, who pays THAT much for a fancy Wal-Mart bag? They accomplish the same task, no?

No, no they do not. Apparently I've been missing out on all this style and fashion and convenience, not to mention the bubbles of joy I am tempted to expel every time I realize that I'm not having to clutch my purse all the time thanks to the 45 degree downward angle my shoulders shoot out from my neck. There is magic in that handle, I'll tell you that right now. I'm not sure how it does it, but it GRIPS. It doesn't slide down annoyingly!

While I'm still not sold on the idea of spending a gazillion dollars on a purse, I sure am enjoying the hell out of this piece of art. I have written her into my will, and I have named her Beata. She may need a sibling of the diaper bag variety if I can ever get the website to open without crashing.


Cori said...

I LURVE IT! And am so jealous. I've wanted one for a long time, but can't bring myself to pony up the money...especially now with the whole husband-doesn't-have-a-job business.
Anyway, I love it!