Hardcore Accountable

I took two naked pictures of myself.

Simmer down, they are NOT they kind of naked pictures you'd want to look at. And no, I won't show you. Because they are for me. I'm trying to lose some weight, and am finding it hard to keep my motivation going, so I took these pictures so that I can see where I'm at, and what I've accomplished, or not accomplished each week. I won't be posting them on my fridge or anything, mostly because I've got an 18 month old roaming around the house, and I'm not trying to frighten her into a straight jacket. That and I have so few people visit me that I don't want to scare off the ones that do.

And the best part is, if I lose enough weight, when I'm done I'll have a really cool flip book.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, that is hardcore! Good luck with the new goal. I think it's a great idea. I thought about doing the same but I don't have enough ink to cover up all the areas I don't like looking at... yet.