You know, from that game you played when you were younger, where someone would hurt you until you yelled UNCLE! That's me, yelling UNCLE! at this stupid new place hunt.

I spent the day looking at 12 houses that I had meticulously selected over the last few days, and I came away from that search with nothing. Nada. ZILCH. And I'm supposed to let my current complex know tomorrow whether or not I'm signing another lease. I have four more options that I'll call about tomorrow (I found them this evening), and then I'm screaming UNCLE! for real.

It's bad enough that today was a holiday. Let me rephrase. I'm glad it's Memorial Day. It's important that we all take a moment to thank those that have served, are serving, and have died for this country to protect our rights. But I think everyone would appreciate it more if we had a Friday in honor of it instead of a Monday. That throws you right into the middle of your week with no day to prepare for it. And for me, that means I gotta jump directly into the path of the payroll train. And with all the other stuff I have to, tomorrow is going to suck supreme.