A Whole New World

I am only mildly technologically in the know. Okay, that's a lie. I'm not even a little bit in the tech know (hehe, tech know...get it, techno? hehe). So while I'm sure most of you out there have already discovered that broadcasting stations such as Fox and NBC and who knows who else have full episodes online for you to watch in awesome High Def, I only discovered this now.

In all fairness, I've never had a need to watch shows online. I have a DVR that I pay for, and it does a pretty good job. I can record, I can watch in HD, I am set. Except Monday night my DVR was out to get me. It knew it had me cornered with the Spurs game on, and it knew that I didn't care what else was on, there wasn't a damn show in the world that would have kept me from watching my Spurs throw the smack down on the Hornets. So it tricked me. It flashed that Flavor of Love was going to be on in two minutes. When it does this, I know there will be two shows recording at one time, and you can't watch live TV when two shows are recording. You can watch something live if one thing is recording, or you can watch a recording if two shows are recording, but NOT two recordings AND live TV. And Monday night, live TV was king. Back to my Flavor of Love memo. It tells me that in two minutes, Flavor of Love will be on. So I assume that when it switches to one of the two shows that are going to be recording, Flavor of Love will be that show. It switches in the midst of a time out thank God, and I hurriedly stop recording what I thought was Flavor of Love so I can switch back to the Spurs. After all, MTV or VH1 or whoever shows that show only plays it about a bazillion times after it's initial airing, I'll just come back later and catch it. No big deal. The Spurs go on to win, and life is good.

Jump to last night. I'm perusing through my recordings, looking for House. I love House. Like a lot. It's not healthy how much I love House. And believe it or not, it's actually come in handy to have watched House so diligently with The Smoodge's doctor's and diagnoses. I have actually sat listening to a doctor talk about this disease and that disorder and stifled a smile because all the while I'm thinking, I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! House just diagnosed that in a patient last week!!! I'm not saying I'm ready to start my own practice yet, but you don't watch as much House as I do without learning a little something about diagnostic medicine. Between that and my Masters in Internet Research, I'm well on my way. Back to the story...I'm looking for House. Specifically the episode that aired Monday night. The episode that ends the season. The season finale episode that aired Monday night while my Spurs were playing, which is why I didn't watch it, because I was recording it, and the Spurs were live, and sporting events are just not as good if you aren't watching them live. See where I'm going with this? Flip, flip, House. Wait a that? Yup, sure is. Flavor of Love recorded, but House did not. I can only assume that when my DVR that's out to destroy me switched channels, it misled me to believe it was switching to Flavor of Love, and instead switched to House. Bastards.

I get online and pray that someone, ANYONE out there on YouTube or somewhere has the season finale of House posted so that I can watch it. I don't care if it's shaky and out of focus, as long as I can hear his voice, I'll be happy. I google House Episodes, and boom, Fox's website pops up, and I think, maybe, just maybe they have the full episode for me to watch. AND THEY DO!!! Not yet of course, because apparently they like to make you suffer a week behind the rest of the world, but in 7 days I can watch the season finale of House on my computer, which is sooo much better than having to wait two or three months until they show the season finale of this season right before they kick off next season. Me missing this I can't even think of what kind of depressive cycle that could send me spinning into. But now, I don't have to. And you know what else?? They have other episodes of stuff too! And so do the other networks!

I think we all know what I'm going to be up to from 8-5 over the next few days...


Anonymous said...

That's funny. I was watching House when you called last night. It's really, really, good! I sometimes catch up on Desperate Housewives on ABC. I had no idea you didn't know that, how could you have missed it!! Mom

C said...

Oh man, I'm totally going to rock your socks off with this one:
I'll wait.
Back? You're welcome.
: D