I AM the Human

To be perfectly honest about it, the meebo portion of my blog was created solely for my friend A.Shine, because the Nazi's at her job don't let her dick around on the internet while she's at work (I KNOW!), and because the matrix hasn't zeroed in on blogger yet, we can communicate this way. In appreciation of that, the following exchange occur ed:

A.Shine: do you see me
A.Shine: woo hoo!
A.Shine: i can chat now
mjrflt: i'm so happy for you
A.Shine: oh it's been so long since i've chatted... this day should go down in history.
A.Shine: thanks for making this possible!
mjrflt: lol
mjrflt: are you going to give a speech?
A.Shine: i would like to thank the work email for allowing me the opportunity to send mandy detailed instructions on installing meebo. i would like to thank the damn Barracuda for letting it's guard down once. and i would like to thank blogger for not being blocked (yet). but lastly i would like to thank MANDY for moving forward with this because without the human behind the instrument, there would be no music

That'll do, A.Shine, that'll do :)

*sniff, sniff