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The First of Many, I'm Sure

I previously mentioned that I've started up the online dating thing again.  I also mentioned how stupid that was of me.  Proof of that is what I was sent today as someone who was deemed as a match for me:
im very out going persons love to have fun but im not rich. i do have a car but it very old. but i do have a job. and i have a little girl. but she live with her movies

Um.  What?
First, those of you reading this, would you have ever SERIOUSLY thought that someone who writes like that would be a MATCH for me?  If so, I am severely delusional about myself.
Second, he's very outgoing persons?  Like, more than one?  Is this a conjoined twin situation or just multiple personalities?  And are they all outgoing and fun, or just the one typing the profile?  Do they have different names?  Crap, what if they have different profiles?  How many more of THIS GUY am I gonna get matched to?
Third, his kid lives with movies?  Like at a theater?  Or is it that she's live with movies?  Like in…

Online Dating

It has to be the holidays.  Surely it's the holidays.  After the last laughable bout of online dating, only an idiot would be doing this again.
Hi.  I'll be your idiot for today's blog.  Would you like some peanuts?
At the very least, I'll get some new material for the blog.
Christ, what am I getting myself into....

Killing Time

Fourteen minutes left to go until this (work) day is over. I would totally leave now, except I'm answering the phones because the receptionist left early. Hows that for suck?

Today was about worthless. Seriously. Came in about an hour late. Went to SASH to throw the geriatric department a Christmas party. Went to Aldaco's for lunch. Came in to work and surfed the internet, mostly reading about Bettie Page, who died yesterday. And now I'm sitting up front, where I actually did a smidgen, a SMIDGEN, of work. Now I'm blogging.

Nine minutes left.

Or pretending to blog. Is it still blogging if you are just randomly typing out stuff as it pops into your head?

I've got to haul buns out of here, head to pick up The Smoodge, then run over to Toys R Us or Walmart to get a gift card for the birthday party we have to go to this evening, which I have no idea where THAT is, then we'll come home and I'll take some photos of a friend of mine, who actually kind of loo…

Death by Boredom

I hate days like this, where you get all the big stuff done, then you take a break, and have absolutely no motivation to pick up another task. I think at this point I would willingly stick a paperclip in my eyeball than work any more. Which leads me to being bored, which is STUPID because I have things I could do, but again, paperclip rather than working. I guess the argument becomes would I rather have a paperclip in my eye or be bored. Hmmm... that's a close one....

Two hours later, I've come back to this post after a minor emergency at work caused by incompetence. And it's time to go home. So that big long post I was gonna do? Yeah, gonna have to wait...

Random Chatting

Because I'm too lazy to put a real post up here (give me a break, this makes two in one day!), I'm putting up a conversation had between two coworkers over chat.
Coworker 1: guess what Coworker 2: what? Coworker 1: i drew coworker 3 for secret santa gifts Coworker 2: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Coworker 1: any ideas.... what on earth should i get her?? Coworker 2: facial laser hair removal Coworker 1: that's thoughtful Coworker 2: maybe a wax kit? you could get her a bear... or more shrubbery Coworker 1: she listed her favorite color as chinese blue ????????????????? Coworker 2: wtf is chinese blue? Coworker 1: not a clue Coworker 2: i'm googling it..... Coworker 1: lol i bet it's like a royal blue just funny way to say it Coworker 2: wow...the googling does not even remotely narrow it down there's about a billion shades hehe
get her a gift card to the megaplex i TOTALLY would do that shit, I might do that anyway Coworker 1: she also indicated that she likes christian music and puzzles jigs…


If I had waited three more days before posting this it would be officially a month since my last post. It's just like me to go and ruin it by posting something today. Ah, well.
It's just that time of year, or some other excuse that will cause you to nod your head and say, yeah, I totally get it, and that's a perfectly acceptable reason as to why this blog now has cobwebs and dustbunnies, and a cracked foundation due to unuse. Whatever, get over it.
I'm currently at work, and using this blog to procrastinate from cleaning my desk. Which, if you know me, you know that the fact that I have to clean my desk at all means things have been buuuuuuuusy. So here I am, cleaning. Not cleaning like with the Pledge and dust rag, but cleaning as in trying to make my way out of the four hundred seventy five stacks of paper keeping me hidden in a papercave. Oh wait, just found another, make that four hundred seventy six....
And now I've got to get back. Insert empty promise o…