I spend the first, oh, ten to fifteen minutes every time I sit down to type something on this blog trying to think of a title. By the time I've thought of one, every thought I had about the actual blog is gone. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

The last couple of days have FLOWN by. Seriously. I'm not sure where they went, or even if I participated in them. When was the last time I posted? Thursday? Friday? Couldn't tell ya. That sucks. Let's start with yesterday.

I can't remember yesterday. Let's move on to today.

Oh wait! Okay, it's starting to come back to me now. So I'm in an apartment currently. And I hate it. Not the actual apartment itself, it's not so bad. I hate apartment life. I hate climbing a flight of uneven concrete stairs with a baby in one arm and a crap load of stuff in the other. I hate fighting for a parking space. I hate hearing the neighbors when they do anything. I especially hate listening to my upstairs neighbor having sex, because dammit, if I'm not having any, then out of sympathy the rest of the world should be holding out as well. Although, after one particularly noisy night with the windows open, when the show was over, I yelled out the window, "SHE WAS TOTALLY FAKING!" That's right, I sure did. Hell, if they get to get their freak on and I have to listen, then by god I get to heckle. It says that somewhere in the constitution, I'll have to find it for you later. What was I talking about? Oh right, apartment life. I hate it. And I had thought that I had until the end of July to get a new place. Then Friday, when I got home, there's a letter from my apartment complex letting me know that my lease is up at the end of June. Not only is it up a month earlier than I expected, but I'm going on vacation July 1st. Lease is up June 30th. Leaving the state July 1st. Do you see how AWESOME the timing of that is? Just thinking about it makes me tired. So Friday night, and in my spare time on Saturday and today, I have been hunting for a house, a duplex, a condo, SOMETHING, because I have a year left on my residency restriction, and I just can't see spending that year in this apartment. The Smoodge is getting bigger, her toys are multiplying in the night, and if, by some miracle, God decides to stop punishing me and sends me some male companionship (if you know what I mean *nudge, nudge, wink, wink) right now there's no place in my 1 bedroom to partake in the festivities. I've got a couple of places I'm going to look at tomorrow. Hopefully none of them requires me to get a concealed handgun license. Because as of this moment, I have FIVE days to find a place. Stupid apartment wants a 30 day notice. Yeah. Like they are so busting at the seams right now.

Saturday...what happened Saturday? Oh yeah, nothing really. I went over with The Smoodge to A.Shine's pool and enjoyed some barbecue. Good food, good friends, good sun, good swimming, good times.

Today, or I guess I should say this morning at about 3 am, I woke up with my right eye leaking. A lot. It woke me up it was leaking so much fluid. I guess my eye turned on the waterworks because it felt like it was on fire, and was doing it's best impersonation of a fire department. I stumbled to the bathroom, pulled out my contacts, laid back down, eye still on fire and leaking. Not conducive to sleeping really. So I got out of bed, stumbled into the kitchen for some ice, put it in a baggie, got back in bed with the ice firmly planted on the eye. Much better, back to sleep I go. Woke up later, The Smoodge had confiscated the ice bag, now a water bag, and emptied it's contents onto my arm. She though it was hilarious. Me, not so much. I walked into the bathroom to check the eye, and there's still waterworks, and now there is an overabundance of red and it's VERY swollen. And still burning. Great. Like what I need right now is PINK EYE. I was going to go to the zoo today. I was going to take The Smoodge, and we were going to have fun, and it was going to be great. INSTEAD, I spent $135 on a doctor's visit and medication for an eye that does NOT have pink eye, but instead has some sort of weirdness that the doctor couldn't identify, but decided needed steroids and antibiotics. Awesome. While I was at the med clinic, the woman/nurse person was reading me the doctor's notes, and she read one of them as 'discontinue lower tabs' (or lauer tabs or something, pronounce it the way I spelled it the first time, and that's what she said). I asked her what that was. She said, your medication. No, no, you JUST said my medication was this other stuff. Oh, no, she says, the medication you are already taking. Now, if I don't know what the stuff is, then I'm probably not taking it, yes? I point this out to her, she looks perplexed, and goes off to pool the other nurse people as to what they would interpret that to mean. No one can read the doctor's writing. So she comes back and says, well, if you aren't on that medication, then don't worry about it. But wait. I'm supposed to discontinue SOMETHING. Would you mind finding out what that is? Ten minutes, two more nurse people, and the doctor herself later, it's discontinue CONTACT WEAR. Yeah, that's just about the same. I would think that for a $75 doctor's visit (and yes, that was my co-pay), I could get some literacy out of you people. Anyway, The Smoodge and I pick up the most expensive prescription one eye could ever hope for and head back to my darkened apartment (oh yeah, did I mention that with the swelling and redness and leaking and blurry vision there is also photophobia?), where I immediately dose my eye in the healing juice and sit on the couch to wait for it to work. And it does. A few hours later, I can even tolerate sunlight.
I figured since we missed out on the zoo, we could make it over to Ft. Sam for the Tobin Endowment concert by the SA Symphony and fireworks. They had some face painting, something they call an instrument petting zoo, where they let the kids play with some of the instruments (duh), food, drinks, and lots of open space where people were starting to camp out for the main shibang. You know what they didn't have anywhere near the festivities? A damn ATM machine. So after getting her face painted, which was free, she was hungry, and I had 2 bucks, and of course, NOTHING cost $2, so we went in search for an ATM machine. And now I have extensive knowledge of the layout of Ft. Sam. We walked around the base for 45 minutes before we got to one. That is ridiculous. If you are only going to accept cash, then maybe you should have a machine that DISPENSES IT! Got the cash, got back to the field of festivities, got some refreshments, and got a seat in front of the stage so we could sit back and enjoy the concert. I have to say, for a 19 month old, The Smoodge did exceptionally well. She danced, she listened, she told other people to SHHHH when they would talk. She didn't even cry when the canons and the fireworks started to go off. And in case you didn't get any fireworks on your Memorial Day weekend, I have posted a few seconds of the ones we saw.

Not exceptionally exciting, I mostly just wanted to see how this thing handled a video. :) Anyway, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!