Mother's Day

It's 3:25 in the morning, and I can't sleep.

I can't sleep because for me this is just another Sunday.  I don't get to sleep late.  I don't get to awaken to the smell of breakfast in bed.  I don't get to be handed a bouquet of flowers.  I don't get to hear the words Happy Mother's Day in my daughter's voice at the coaching of my significant other.  I don't get to thank my daughter for the crayon creation on construction paper she diligently worked over to celebrate my being a mother to her.  I don't get hugs from family members and loved ones.  Those are things that, as a mother, on Mother's Day, I have never experienced.

I know, this post sounds awesome, huh?  Well hold on a second, it gets better.

I want to wish each and every single one of you who has ever played the role of mother a very Happy Mother's Day.  I really and truly do.  It's a shame that only one day is dedicated to the trials and tribulations that go into being a mother.  You all deserve so much more credit, so much more thanks, and so much more respect than anyone can fit into a 24 hour period.

But for me, I don't celebrate Mother's Day.  It hurts to much to sit around and think about all those things I mentioned above.

Instead, I get to awaken at the butt crack of dawn to the smiling face of a beautiful little girl.  A beautiful little girl whose eyes show so much excitement that Mommy is awake, and 'oh, Mommy, I've been waiting all night for us to start a new day.'  A little girl who climbs clumsily into bed next to me so that she can snuggle her warm little head into the crook of my arm and jam her warm little knees into my ribs.  A little girl who grabs my face into her hands and covers me with kisses.  A little girl who, when I tell her that I love her, shrugs her little shoulders and says 'I yuve you.'  A little girl who can't wait to tell me that she went potty, and ew, gross.  Poop.  A little girl who gets excited about going outside to water the garden.  A little girl who twirls in her dress just to hear me tell her she's pretty and smile at her.  A little girl who loves the breakfast I make for her, whether it's cereal or toaster waffles.  A little girl whose smile lights up the room.  Whose voice is like music.  Whose touch is like magic.

So today, I don't celebrate me.  I celebrate her.  Because without her, there would be nothing to celebrate.    

So Happy Mother's Day, Monkey.  Thank you so much for letting me be your Mommy.  Thank you so much for keeping me alive.  Thank you giving me something to live for.  Thank you for making each and every single day more interesting than the last.  Thank you for bringing a meaning and a joy into my life I had no idea existed until the day you were born.  Thank you for making every day, Mother's Day.