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Can't believe this thing still works.
Too bad it's 2:14 in the morning.  I'd probably have more to say.

Day 80-bazillion of mandatory PTO

That's right folks.  I'm STILL on PTO.  But at this point?  I don't mind it so much.  Do you have any idea how long the human body is capable of laying motionless on a couch?  Psh.  And y'all say I don't have goals...

Today's the pre-cursor to that so-called holiday that retailers love and consumers get sucked into.  Oh yeah, and the day where people get all kissy-faced and stupid.  That's right, I just called some of you stupid.  Not all the time, but seriously, you know on this one day you are.  Deal with it.

What was I talking about?  Oh right.  So pre-cursor, because the monkey has the valentine's day party at school, which means last night we had to do the cards, which aren't really cards, they are really just ring pops with stickers on it that have her classmates names on them.  Candy with a personal touch.  Score when you're three.

That's not the point though.  The point was that since she has this party today, we had to sign up to br…

NOT why I live here

The weather.  More specifically, the cold weather.  I'm not a fan.  Which is why I live in South Texas, where winter generally only lasts a few days/weeks, and we only know its happening because it's cloudy.  So when you're telling me we're going to have a crap load of days that are in the 30's, that's no bueno.

So I haven't been running.  Externally I'm blaming it on the cold weather.  Internally I know it's because I'm a bit depressed.  I'm not happy with the way things are going at work, and not knowing where things will stand on Thursday is not helping.  And unfortunately, that's really all I can say on that for now.  Even though there is BOAT LOADS more.  Ugh.  Maybe THAT'S why I'm really depressed.  Because I have so many things that are being pent up inside of me and I can't even use this as an outlet.  Stupid interweb with all your easy accessibility and super defined search engines.

The nice thing about this job chan…
I have to be, without any doubt in my mind, the most BORING person ever.  I'm here, staring at this blank page, after having a beautiful Saturday during which I would think to myself, 'ooooh, that would be GREAT to blog about.'  And now?  Nothing.  Nuh. Thing.  And I'm completely bored with the inane topics I'm trying to force upon the few of you that happen to stumble upon this thing...

Maybe that's the problem.  Writing for others instead of myself?  Wow.  That took a turn I was not expecting.  Delving into the inner workings of who do I write for.  I've taken a few minutes to toss that around in my head for a second, and I'm not sure that anyone can honestly answer that as anything other than for someone to read their words.  So that they can feel like their voice matters, even if it is to some 12 year old boy in the middle of Malaysia.  Anyone who says they write on a blog for themselves is full of shit.  Send them to me.  I'll argue them into s…


The last 48 hours have been a whirlwind of epic proportions. And of all the things there are to tell, and do, and unload about, I'm having a hard time figuring out where to even begin with it all. Or where to (figuratively) go from here.
I'm not entirely comfortable expressing myself about some of the things that are happening because it's not over yet, and to be honest there is really nothing I can write that would or could help the situation at all. So for the time being, the important thing to know is this: I'm rewriting my resume. And I have a mandatory five day weekend in which to do it.
How's that a firebomb of words that just about makes your head want to explode? Oh no wait. That's not your head. That's mine. How the hell am I supposed to update my resume while THAT'S going on?
So I'm just staring at this open document trying to just even figure out what address to put at the top. I thought that maybe by stopping by here for a quick do…

Um. Hi.

To say its been awhile since I last posted would be kinda stupid, because it's been more than 'awhile'. In fact, to be honest, without looking, I couldn't tell you when the last time was. Or what it was about. Probably something insanely boring.
So here I am again, new year and all, trying to decide whether or not to pick this thing back up and what to write about. I got nothing. Buckle your seat belts for some ramblings.
I've started running. Not just to get in shape or lose weight, because, well, that hasn't worked so well for me in the past. So I've set different goals. To participate in a triathlon. I've even registered for my first one. As well as for a 5K, which I see as a good way to measure how I'm doing. Or to thoroughly embarrass myself. Probably more of that last one...
I registered today for The Rookie Tri. You can read about it here if you care. Or if you want to come so you can point and laugh. I'll be the one finishing…