Single Saturday

I was without The Smoodge today, and I accomplished quite a bit. Washed my car (it's so SHINY now!), got my oil changed (only 2,000 miles late), got new brake pads (but still need new rotors), got my inspection updated, registered my vehicle, took a shower, went grocery shopping, and watched the last weeks worth of Young and the Restless. I don't think I accomplished that much at work this past week.

As much as I get done without her, with everything I did I thought about how absent she was during those activities. Especially at the grocery store, because we go grocery shopping together every weekend. We have a routine on the weekends. Saturday morning we sleep in, then head over to Wal-Mart, have breakfast at the McDonald's there (always, always ALWAYS a bad idea to grocery store when hungry on a budget...always), then do the shopping, me pushing the cart, her standing in the basket dodging the frozen foods I toss in while either waving Miss America style to everyone that passes or yelling at them for who knows what a 19 month old yells at others about. And as stressful as that can get, it's always amusing. And today it felt so empty. I could go into this long diatribe about how much she means to me, how I can't imagine my life without her, but I think you can derive that from the 'and today it felt so empty' part. So I'll just leave it at that.

I did buy her a potty today though while I was there. After waking up this morning with her assuming the position on my leg, diaper in hand, it was time to make my move. And man, some of those things have bells and whistles out the wazoo. They even had one that was a miniature toilet with all kinds of stuff to look at and play with. I did not buy that one. If I were little, I could not piddle on a potty like that. There would be entirely too much to do. Hell, I don't think I could piddle on that potty now. I can multi-task like a mo-fo, but put me on a toilet and I'm a woman on a mission. Any distractions delay the purpose. And I don't have time for that. So I did not get the potty that has a tiny little roll of fake toilet paper to spin while you try to make water. And I did not get the potty that starts a small parade with balloons and a marching band as soon as urine hits the sensor. Nor the pretty pink one that is advertised as the 'most comfortable seat in the house.' All of those seemed stupid. And were expensive. And if I'm going to waste money, it's not going to be on something you put your bodily waste into...that I'M going to have to empty out. So yeah, The Smoodge has officially begun her unofficial potty training. This should be interesting.


Anonymous said…
Lilie has the one that looks like the toilet...with the fake toilet paper, and is sings when she sits down and when she pees....

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