Fifty Things About Me

I am totally stealing this concept from catkins, because I'm kind of at a loss for words today. It's been an interesting day, that's for sure with some highs and lows, but fifty things about me is where I'm going to leave it. For a couple of reasons. 1, I don't think I can come up with fifty things, and B, ...., crap I can't even come up with two good reasons as to why I'm doing this... Well, here we go....

1. My middle name is Jo
2. Once upon the time I played the flute
3. I have a wonderful amazing daughter that has taught me more about life in 19 months than I ever learned in 27 years.
4. I am obsessed with reading about other people's lives.
5. I named my daughter after an actress that I am totally in love with
6. I am still a fan of the NKOTB
7. I hate living in an apartment
8. I occasionally enjoy a trashy novel or two
9. I don't like change
10. I can be fairly self-destructive, but I'm definitely working on it
11. I have quit smoking after XX years (no, I will not tell you how long)
12. I keep an emergency pack of cigarettes hidden
13. I want to make something of myself, but I still don't know what that something is
14. I am slightly panicked over the thought that I'm only on number 14 and am completely drawing a blank
15. I miss my old friends, and wish we were closer
16. I can't fall asleep before midnight, no matter how I try, without help
17. I hate sleeping alone
18. My daughter still sleeps in bed with me (due to #17), and probably will until she kicks me out of her bed
19. I take credit for how good my plants look, even though it's because of A.Shine because she gave me idiot proof plants
20. I'm not as strong as I act. In fact, I'm pretty weak
21. I have set a goal to lose 50 lbs.
22. I have not set a plan on how to lose the aforementioned 50 lbs
23. I want to go back to school, but don't want to sacrifice time away from my daughter to do it
24. I have a temper
25. I can eat a jar of green olives and not feel even a little guilty about it
26. I have an entire collection of CD's that I have absolutely no interest in ever listening to because they aren't mine
27. I think feet are gross. Seriously, seriously disgustingly gross *gag
28. I am designing a tattoo that will cover my entire upper left arm
29. I took out a loan in college for $500 that I am not even thinking about paying back
30. I constantly worry about having enough money to pay for everything The Smoodge needs medically
31. I barely recognize myself since I had The Smoodge, and sometimes I resent that
32. I can procrastinate like a mo-fo
33. I have lots of things I want to do, but make no effort to do them
34. I can still put one leg behind my head
35. I miss playing beach volleyball
36. I think fairy tales are bull shit and I have a hard time allowing my daughter to hear about them
37. I want to move to Australia
38. I feel like once The Smoodge goes to bed, I become a prisoner in my own home
39. I really suck at coming up with fifty things about me
40. I have a box of things from my wedding and marriage that I've sealed with industrial strength tape that I plan on giving to The Smoodge one day, but even the sight of it makes my heart hurt.
41. I'm a huge fan of instant gratification
42. I don't know how to drive a stick
43. I want a motorcycle
44. I am so close, yet so far from finishing this, and SOOO tempted to quit
45. I can't cook. At all. We would both starve if it weren't for the microwave
46. I have the world's best cookie and fudge recipes and I won't share it with you, but if you are really nice and buy me liquor, I will bake some for you
47. I hate shaving my legs because I suck at it. I can never NOT get either razor burn or a rowdy cut
48. I sometimes have to resist the urge to color on the walls
49. I'm very selfish, and I know it, and I expect others to accommodate that
50. Crap. I got nuthin'. Feel free to comment on what my #50 should be (yea! Audience participation!)


Anonymous said…
I have another plant for you :)

Thanks for sharing your list. Some of those are hardcore deep. I'd probably come up with:

1. I know how to count to two.
2. I know how to count to three.
3. Repeat until you get to 50.
Catkins said…
It's hard isn't it?! Thing took me damn near all day.
50. I used to eat limes and salt. A lot.

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