The Long and Short of It

Long day. Very tired. Too mentally exhausted to bitch about it even. So here's the run down:

Geneticist appointment today for The Smoodge. Chromosome 10 deletions (which we knew) are apparently large enough to see under a microscope (which means pretty big). We go see a surgeon tomorrow for her gall stones, we will need to make an appointment with a cardiologist to check out her heart (she has a murmur heard both above and below the heart), need to make an appointment with a ear, nose and throat doctor (she didn't respond to the tuning fork by sound or touch), and we need to see an opthamologist for her vision (she has droopy eyelids apparently). All of those things are common in what is known about Chromosome 10 deletions. All appointments that will be referred by her PCP, so I don't have names, dates, or times, just know it will be sometime in the near future. Oh, and just simply because I can't pass up an opportunity to say it in a public forum, her dad's a son of a bitch.

So yeah. Tired. Now I'm just faking my way through the rest of the work day. On further reflection, I should have taken the afternoon for drinking...


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