After the Storm

And I'm back.

The Smoodge had a ...get this... Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy on Tuesday, so needless to say the last couple of days have been a bit uncharacteristic. I apologize. We'll figure out some way to pay for your therapy later.

So yeah, she had her gall bladder removed. How random is that? Threw all the nurses and hospital staff off, that's for sure. But no matter, she's home now, she's well, and she's gall bladder free.

I'm trying to work up the energy to tell you the story, but I've had to tell it so many times today I kind of am sick of it. So here's a short version... or my ATTEMPT at a short version:

The Smoodge had her gall bladder taken out Tuesday. The end.

How was that for short? Hehe, kidding, okay, for real:

She went into the hospital Tuesday morning to have her gall bladder removed. After the surgery, the surgeon came out and told me that there was some 'material' on her gall bladder that had suggested previous inflammation. Nothing severe, but still. He also said that she had what looked like 'gravel' in her gall bladder other than the stones they saw on the sonogram. Basically The Smoodge has been making this 'gravel' for who knows how long and that she had probably passed a stone or two or three in the past. This is hopefully the cause of her liver levels and everything else. We'll just have to see on that, but fingers crossed! Anyway, she was in recovery for a bit, then got transferred to the pediatric unit, where she pretty much slept for all of Tuesday, and didn't want to be held by anyone but me. And how can you say no to the most pathetic baby girl ever? You can't, so I'm the one who got bed sores after SHE had surgery. Wednesday morning she was doing so well that the surgeon cut her out of there about 2 hours early, and after we got home you would have never known that she had had surgery less than 24 hours before. Except for an occasional face and grabbing of the tummy when she'd lean or bend over, she did great. Okay, any questions?

There are more details, some more stuff that happened, but did I mention how sick I am of telling this story? You've gotten the important stuff, now I'm going to lunch.

Oh, and yes, I did ask for the gall stones, but they got sucked into the little vacuum thingie before they could get any for me. Guess I don't get to make those earrings after all...


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