Awww...Poor Bob

Today's 3pm post on Overheard:

The Copier Won Last Week's Fight, Too
Female coworker to copy machine: You have enough paper, you bitch.

We have a copier here lovingly named Bob. He's old. Bob also sounds like a washing machine (I think he knows my CPU, they get together for dominoes). No one has used Bob in a long time because we have two new copiers; sleeker, sexier copiers who are named Rico. Yes, they both get the same name because they are identical. And the brand name is Ricoh...says right on the front. Front Rico and Back Rico. So Bob gets very little use, and there's been talk that Bob will be disposed of. I personally don't allow that kind of talk around Bob because it hurts his feelings. But I am no longer in charge of Bob, so nobody cares what I think....maybe I need to join Bob and my CPU for dominoes...

ANWAY, the point being that the 3pm from today's Overheard made me think of Bob. Maybe I'll petition to have Bob moved into my office. I have a window he could look out of for his final days....


Anonymous said…
I don't miss Bob much at all but I do miss him more than anyone else there... save for you OF COURSE!

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