Tick Tock

Except much, MUCH slower. Today is only a half day at work, because we're being forced to co-mingle with each other in a park setting. Whatever. I'm bringing beer, I don't care what company policy is. Take that.

My stomach has been growling like CRAZY. I'm pretty sure that the FedEx building across the street can hear it, and are wondering what's up with the thunder on a cloudless day. There's probably at least one guy hiding in a closet reliving some boogey monster dream from his childhood. Seriously. I don't know when my stomach has ever grumbled this loud before, or for this long. And it's not the 'I gotta find a bathroom' grumbling, it's the 'I'm going to eat everything in sight' grumble. Which frightens me, because I'm not sure that's the attitude I want my stomach to have before going to a COMPANY picnic.

Because then I'm sure the 'eat everything' grumble WILL turn into the 'FIND A FUCKING BATHROOM' grumble.