Is This Day Over Yet?

Oh my god am I tired. Today was probably the longest day in the history of days. Ever. And I'm so exhausted from it I barely have the energy to type this.

The Smoodge had an appointment with a geneticist today.

I stop there because I simply don't have the energy to get into the whole back story of why, and all the clever and witty repertoire I had in store for this entry has completely left me. And I can't get into how the appointment went without wanting to over-analyze the day, and did I mention how tired I am?

So instead I'll say this. I had high hopes for the American Idol Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber episode, and instead I was left with the butchering of some of the most incredible music of all time. If you haven't seen the episode, let me save you the time of suffering through 6 performers when the only two worth a crap are this one and this one. The rest, my cat farts with more musicality.


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