That Darn Cat

I spent about 20 minutes last night trying to determine through a nose more plugged up than..well, insert metaphor here, you get the picture...what on earth that smell is. It smells a little like something is burning. So I'm thinking to myself how I can get both The Smoodge and the TV out at the same time, and have reasoned that The Smoodge can walk, grab the TV, but I just simply can't get over the fact that it smells like something is on fire. And I have no idea what it could be. Maybe a neighbor? But I don't hear any alarms going off. I didn't cook anything that evening, wasn't burning any candles. I didn't even have the humidifier in The Smoodge's room turned on. Then I thought maybe it was because I just got out of the shower, and I run my water only a degree lower than boiling, so maybe the water stunk? I sniff my hair, and nope, that's not it. Seriously, this is driving me crazy. So I get up and walk around, and don't notice anything, and now, because my nose is so stopped up, I can't even tell if it's a real smell or if I'm imagining it. I am beginning to very seriously consider the odds of that smell just being the snot in my nose. Then I notice something on the sofa chair. So I walk over and look down on it, and I have a flash back from about 30 minutes ago, when I last glanced at that sofa chair, and thought how weird it was that the cat was sitting on that sofa chair glaring at me like I'm some sort of criminal, and it all makes sense. That little shit had the NERVE to pee on my sofa chair, and not only that, but then he's going to look at me while he's doing it as if it's my fault! So I'm standing there, incredulous, very seriously doubting my good human nature as I'm overcome with the urge to skin him and wear his pelt as a hat, trying to come up with SOME good reason as to why he would do this, and it hits me like a ton of bricks: I hadn't changed the kitty litter in a good week and a half.

Turns out, that whole piddling on the sofa thing WAS my fault. My bad.