Killing Time

I'm trying to kill about 30 or so more minutes before I watch American Idol. I know I know, the show just started, I could watch it now. But I don't want to watch it now, I want to watch it while I work out, and while I work out I don't want to watch commercials, because then all I'll think about is the fact that I'm working out and I don't want to be. So if I wait about 30 minutes, then I can watch American Idol while working out and NOT watch commercials. Makes sense in my world.

So I'm surfing the web, killing my 30 minutes, and I've discovered a few things. The first of which is that A.Shine is creepy. Creepy in a 'I can see you right now' kind of way. Her post today had me checking my IP address and thinking, am I really going to her blog that much? I mean, I know I check daily, but is it creeping her out? But fortunately, it was not I that she blogged about today. I guess that would have made me the creepy one if it had been.....

The other thing I discovered is that I haven't posted anything worth a crap on my flickr site recently. I guess that would be a big honkin' sign to myself that I need to go out and shoot more, but it's hard for me to get motivated on the stuff I look at on a daily basis. On the other hand, (I have five fingers...HAHAHAHA), I guess I could make that an appropriate challenge to myself. How to make the mundane interesting. OR, I could rally my hot friends and say, hey, want some pin-up pics of yourself? Get all dolled up and come over, we'll take some shots. You know who you are. And I just so happen to be Smoodge-less this weekend. That's so much more fun. Not the being Smoodge-less part, but the part where I take pictures of other people and wow them with how incredible they can look.

Twelve minutes down, 18 to go.

Do you ever have days at work where you just feel like throwing something at everyone who walks through the door? I'm perilously close to doing just that. Maybe tomorrow will be that day. On a happier work note, the IT guy threw a pencil into the ceiling tile above my desk, and it makes me happy knowing that it's there, and I'm one of two people that know about it. I especially like when The Boss comes in for meetings and sits directly underneath it, because I know that at any given moment it could fall and bounce off his head, and I know I couldn't keep a straight enough face to keep myself from falling under suspicion. Hell, I can't keep a straight face now just thinking about it. Heehee! And not to make this a post ALL about work, but how can you take a person seriously when you walk into his office and on his screen, plain as day, is the crotch shot from the most recent round of sonogram pictures. I almost always have to hold my hand up so I can't see it because I'm pretty sure it's looking at me, and that freaks me out. A lot. It's gotten to the point when I speak to this person, I stand with my back to his cube. I'm sure he thinks I'm weird, but I'm not one with the dirty fetus pics on my desktop.

I think I'm going to try kicking my diet Coke habit. I know, there are other habits that other people would rather I kick first, but it's a start, so before you go hitting the comment button to flog me on the subject (hehe, blog flog), the more you tell me I shouldn't do this or that, the more I want to. The diet Coke habit kicking came because while I was sick I haven't had a taste or yearning for it whatsoever, and hell, since I'm already off the caffeine withdrawal, might as well keep it that way. And yes, it works the same way with the smokes, but that's a harder habit to kick, and when you talk about it, you scare it, so slowly walk away, don't make eye contact, and whatever you do, don't puff up.

I think I've killed just enough time. Mission Accomplished :)