Tuesdays are a bad day for me. Tuesdays are not a day for you to attempt to talk to me if you are associated with the company I work for in any way, shape, or form. This is not secret information. This was instilled into my co-workers brains by my predecessor, and I have done what I can to carry on this tradition, even bringing weapons into play. So on these Tuesdays and occasionally Wednesdays and on really bad weeks Thursdays of Death, I put my phone on Do Not Disturb. This means two things: 1. DON'T FUCKING DISTURB. and 2. I have to manually answer when someone intercoms me. Which I stupidly did a few minutes ago, and this is the conversation that ensued:

ME: (pushing speaker button) Yes?
Receptionist: Hey, are you in the middle of something?
ME: (hand searching for sharpened pencil and gripping it tightly) Yes, payroll
Receptionist: So are you busy?
ME: (pencil snapping in my hand) YES
Receptionist: Oh okay..... Brian with the supply company wants to take me and you out to lunch one day and wanted to know when would be good for us. I didn't know if this week would work for you or not, but next week he can do it as well. He just wants to get with you again and then meet me because I wasn't around when we switched to his company instead of the other one. So when is good for your schedule because I'm pretty much open whenever.

The only reason why she's still alive as I type this is because she's knocked up, and as of yet, I have no reason to hate her fetus.