The Smoodge and I went on our normal Saturday morning grocery shopping trip this morning, and it abnormally went without incident. Normally one of us starts to get fussy about being there too long, but today neither one of us did. Hers was in part because she had found the cutest little hat, one I fully intend to stare at while eating 'shrooms to enhance the experience. And when I say she found it, I mean she literally found it. I had pushed through the baby area and stopped to look at one of the many outfits that I found adorable, and when I turned my attention back to her, she had snagged it off the hook it was resting on, had put it on her head, and was staring at me waiting for a reaction. I busted out laughing, and decided that hat would be good for her to wear outside to keep her albino skin from bursting into flames. So she wears the hat all through the store, eliciting responses from anyone with any amount of estrogen pulsing through their systems. Which reminds me, what is it about Hispanic women and the need to touch stranger's babies on the head? I can't go anywhere in this freaking town without someone patting my daughter on the head like the belly of Buddha. Anyway, I also decided to grab her a pair of sunglasses as well since she's spent the last week constantly trying to wear mine, and let's face it, toddlers and anything costing more than a cheerio is a bad idea. Cute hat, cute sunglasses, cute baby...I'm pretty much set. Now, I should have taken a picture of her to share with the world the mass amounts of cuteness she was emitting while sporting her new accessories, but I didn't. Instead, I decided that that this would be a good idea:

There's absolutely no point to this story, and pretty much no reason for me to have taken this picture, I just wanted to make sure it was posted somewhere that THIS picture is what I want on display at my funeral.


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