Repeat mistake

Augh! I did it again! That whole not blogging because there was so much to blog then doubling up on the blogging duty each day that passes! Okay, slate clean, here we go:

I actually don't have a whole lot of commentary right now. First of all, it's 8 in the morning. And who really wants to read what others have to say at 8am. I can guarantee it's not going to be filled with sunshine and roses. Second, ...wait, I did mention that whole 8am things right? That should be enough explanation.

Also, I'm in the midst of a project at work which I see as kind of stupid, yet I am obsessive about going above and beyond about it. If a degree from an Ivy League school means that you are incapable of evaluating already prepared information and you get to give orders to others about rearranging already prepared READILY AVAILABLE information, than I think I could save a lot of people some money and time by telling you to drop the hell out now. Yeah, sure, it means a lot of money, and sure, maybe it looks great on a resume, but in the real world, well, it will also get your ass kicked. And at the very least, those people that don't get paid a lot of money, and live in their small houses, and live their poor little lives? They will make fun of you, then pour urine in your gas tank while setting fire to your mail box. And fork your yard.

Told ya....8am...not the best time to talk to me. I've got parents, siblings, and an ex-husband who could have told you that.


Catkins said...

Man, you weren't kidding about the 8am business.
*steps away, slowly...*
You know, I've never actually forked a yard. I can think of a few people who should get a forked yard. We should plan a weekend to do it. We'll drop the kids off somewhere (hehehe....I typed that and immediatly thought of poop. You know, drop the kids off at the pool...hehehe. You know..hehe...right?) and do some forkin'
Yeah, I'm a little tired myself...

Me said...

The statue of limitations has run out, so I can admit it...Alicia Purvis, 8th grade.

So our plans are to poop and fork? Love it :)