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Okay, how stupid is this for rationale:

I got back to SATX on Tuesday, and every day I meant to blog. I did..seriously! Anyway, I meant to blog, and each day, I didn't blog, because I had a lot to blog about and that meant it would take a lot of time, so I didn't, because I didn't have a lot of time, and with each day, I added a day of blogging to it, which meant my blog-load doubled, then tripled, get the point. So I didn't blog. Until now, where I'm to the point where I say fuck it, I'm starting anew. With a recap. A short recap. And here it is:

Went to KCMO. Saw the fam, had a great time, and it made me realize how utterly and desperately alone I am down here. Got back. Went to work, and that made me realize how utterly and desperately exasperating my job can be. Thursday morning took my car to the paint and body shop to get it appraised, and will be dropping it off for repair Tuesday. Thursday afternoon went to a financial dude and got The Smoodge enrolled in a Coverdell account. Friday, one of my bosses walked around the office with the head of a burro off of a pinata on his head. He posed for a picture at the big boss's desk, which was then sent to the boss letting him know this was his fill in during daddy-detail (he just had his very own smoodge, only a boy). Funny, but not at all productive. Saturday, woke up and both my eyes boycotted my body, so I drove myself and The Smoodge haphazardly to the optometrist, who let me know I have a rowdy infection in both eyes, and that I have to administer drops every hour and a creme every night for the next seven days. Yeah. That's not going to hinder any activity. Excuse me, can we pause this awesome time so I can put my eyeballs back in my head? Thanks, appreciate it. Sunday, went swimming in the morning, where I managed to get a sunburn (hey, thanks for letting me know the sun is more potent at 10am...), and upset my eyes again. Went back inside, discovered that my insurance may not pay for the optometrist yesterday, and was putting drops in my eyes when The Smoodge took my glasses and broke the arm off. Broke. It. Off. And I can't go get a new pair because my prescription ran out at the beginning of the year, and I can't get an eye exam because my EYES ARE SICK. So right now, my eyes are NOT my favorite body part. And to top it all off, somehow, The Smoodge had hidden the remote control and my small camera. I have found the camera (at the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper). I have not found the remote. Do you know how stupid it is to operate a DVR WITHOUT the remote? Do you also know how stupid it is to have a 20 month old hide something in a 700 sq ft apartment that a 27 year old cannot find?

So there you are, my last couple of weeks in a nut shell. I posted some shots of KCMO on my Google picture album. And now I'm caught up.