Killing Time

Can you say...SLOW DAY?

First, I woke up late, which really isn't any big surprise because I ALWAYS wake up late. Except this morning it was exceptionally late. So I called in to act like I was going to be later than normal because I was getting a gift for a coworkers baby shower today at lunch, and asked if anyone needed me to pick up anything for the shower. See? How resourceful am I? Anyway, the shower is kind of sucking the productivity right out of the day. I mean, I couldn't accomplish anything before the shower because there were preparations to be made, and now I can't accomplish anything because I don't want to. Ugh.

Meanwhile, back in the bat cave, everyone is apparently freaking out of this strong wind that's going to come through here, otherwise known as DOLLY. My financial dude even wanted to cancel my meeting with him tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be nasty. Seriously people? Is the weather business getting THAT boring you have to get all excited about some high winds that BARELY made it to hurricane status? Works for me, I'm currently angling to close the office tomorrow so that we can all work from home. Which probably wouldn't be a whole lot different than what I'm working on from here, except at home I can do it in my underwear while drinking liquor and catching up on the Young and the Restless. WAY more fun.

What else, what else...that's pretty much it. Actually, there's lots of stuff I could talk about, but not really because it's work related and I don't know who reads this blog, and don't want to go and get myself fired or something equally stupid. But when I think about it, the fact that I'm blogging at work about how I don't do anything at work could also get me fired.. On the other hand, me blogging at work is not nearly the inter-office secret that the other things I could talk about are.....

I love the websites on this website. Some of the furniture they have is amazing. Expensive, but really cool. Stuff I'd love to decorate my own house with. If I had a G to drop on a step stool. If you want to kill some time, those websites can help you do it.

I will also leave you with a video that was sent to me, and I forwarded it on to others. Because that's what I'm all about. Sharing. Paying it forward. Benefiting mankind...*cough, cough....Sorry, I think I just shot Diet Coke out of my nose... Regardless, watch the video.