I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

But really what I can't believe is that I ALMOST forgot to post tonight. Sheesh...only a few days in and I'm already slacking. You want to know why? Go head, ask me. Seriously. Ask me why. Ask me why I haven't posted yet today....
BECAUSE I've been looking at this!!! I want it sooooooo bad. Like a lot. Don't bid on it, don't you dare. Because tomorrow I'm going to call and see what kind of deal I can make with him in regards to my current ride. Because there is a pretty good chance that if we can make it work, then I'm going to load up the baby and a friend and drive to Kansas City and get it. And I swear that if someone bids on it before then, I will hunt them down and shove dull pencils into their eye sockets. Seriously. Don't test me.
So yeah, I'm on a 'I'm gonna buy a new car' high! I keep looking at the pictures of it, all the pretty, pretty pictures. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
As for my day, it's almost laughable. The insanity that surrounds me is surreal. I almost feel that in order to be equipped to handle my days I should be issued shoes without laces and a pudding cup. I don't have time to discuss it all tonight. Besides that, I can't stop looking at that car!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. The pictures all had the same spot in them and when I first noticed it, the spot was right smack in the middle of the passenger side chair. Then I noticed the spot was in all the pictures. Anywho, other than the spot, very cool ride. Hope it works out for you!