Stood Up

I had an appointment today. A stressful, stupid appointment. It was at 1:00pm. And so my entire morning was shot being nervous about said stressful, stupid appointment. Finally, 12:15pm rolled around, and I headed to the appointment. I get to the place, and it's the wrong place. Go to the next door, they say. Fine. Put a sign up is all I'm saying. So I go to the RIGHT place, which is in the same place as the first place, just a different door. Anyway, I say, I'm here to see ******. They say, who? Ugh. I'M. HERE. TO. SEE. ********. Like if I say it slower and louder the SASH escapee behind the bulletproof glass will understand me better. Apparently it works, because he pulls out his big blue binder of phone numbers, looks up the name, and calls. No answer. Mr. MENSA (no, not the spanish word, the IQ thingie) looks at me and lets me know he's not at his desk, but he'll get a hold of him. Alright. Let me just go sit and waste time because, well, not like I have a job to do. Not like this is taking time out of my already screwed up day to sit around while you search for a guy that I personally think should have been waiting on ME to show. But whatever. So I sit. Then I sit for a bit more. Then, I pull out a piece of gum and chew it because for some reason my stomach has decided that being hungry isn't enough, we must alert the entire building, and me with my rationale think that chewing gum will shut it up. Not even a little bit (for future reference). So then I start going through movie lines from Dogma. "THE GIRL IN THE PJ's just serve your purpose!" That gets me everytime. Especially because you have to say it in a british accent, that's what adds flavor. Forty five minutes later, and well into humming the soundtrack to Evita(I switched movies), I hear, Ms. Bell? Ms. Bell? ********* is on the phone for you. WTF? Why is he calling? This is not an over the phone type of thing, otherwise I could have done that from my car in the parking lot of work and not wasted 20 minutes driving to what I can only assume is the outskirts of hell, or at the very least the inner core of the ghetto. Anyway, so I take the phone from the girl at the counter (the guy at the counter I guess had to go take his meds), and say hello. Turns out ********* had me down for tomorrow at 1:00pm. That is completely his mistake. And I let him know this because tomorrow I have a DIFFERENT appointment at 1:00pm, and it's been set for awhile. And I wouldn't have scheduled it for then because as good as I am, I'm not that good. To sum up the conversation that would never end after a rousing game of, no you screwed up, no you screwed up, no YOU, no YOU, my appointment has been reset for tomorrow morning at 9:00am. Because ********* screwed up, now I gotta take a damn day off. Great. THANKS, JACKASS!