Waiting, waiting...

I should be doing something productive right now, like, you know, work? However, because the Stupid Calculator* can't do their damn job, I can't do mine. An exact quote from this morning:
me- "Hey Stupid Calculator*, did you run the labor report yet?"
SC*- "I didn't know I was supposed to."
Now, I've been doing this job for...oh..let's say four months or so? And EVERY single week, the Stupid Calculator runs the labor report. In fact, they are the only one who can. And prior to me, my brilliant predecessor also had SC run the labor report. So that makes at least 1 year of the SC running the report. No one else, just them. NOBODY. So when they say this to me, I stand there, dumbfounded, utterly at a loss for words. All I can think is, "If it weren't for my horse, I would have never finished college." So I just turn and walk away.
Welcome to my own personal hell....

*the names have been changed to protect those who are entirely too stupid


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that if your predecessor were so brilliant, she would have shot the SC ages ago... I'm sure she had plans to do it, eventually :)