Laundry, laundry, and... guessed it, more friggin' laundry. I'm not sure where it all comes from. I think the neighbors are sneaking in their laundry. A friend of mine recently said she couldn't imagine doing laundry for more than two people, and I feel her pain. I will say this though. It's a lot easier to do laundry for two GROWN people, than for one grown up and one little person. Man those tiny little socks are hard to match.
The Smoodge needs to sleep in her own bed. I know, I know, you're thinking, what on earth is a 16 month old doing NOT sleeping in her own bed. That's an issue for later. Regardless, for today's intents and purposes, just know that she sleeps with me. Anyway, that needs to stop. She has gotten big enough that she can crawl out of my bed, and the sneaky little monkey has gotten good enough at it that she can do it without me knowing. Like the time when I woke up at about six in the morning to discover that she was sitting on my night stand playing with my phone. Nice. What was even better about all of that, was when a friend called me later on that morning to ask me if I was okay, because why else would I have called her at 6 in the morning. Apparently The Smoodge was making phone calls. So this morning, I wake up to an empty bed, no sign of Smoodge. Walk out of my bedroom, and it looks like Toys R Us threw up in my living room. And in the midst of this, looking like a little piggy in mud, was The Smoodge. She had her back to me, and when she heard me walk in, she just gave me this little grin. How could I be mad at that? She was so proud of her accomplishment!
Once I had managed to clean up the mess, which, THANKS TO IKEA, was SOOOO easy, we made a trek to Wal-Mart for some much needed necessities. After getting the diet Coke and wine into the cart, I realized I had nothing green for St. Patrick's Day. And as much as I wanted to get those green mardi gras beads with the beer steins and four leaf clovers on them, I did not. Somehow, I get the feeling nobody else at work would have thought they were nearly as funny as I did. And since I'm angling for a raise, it would have been a lot harder to convince the higher ups that I'm responsible with those bad boys hanging from my neck.
Later we went to a friends for some bbq in that quaint little hell hole called New Braunfels. I would probably like the place a whole lot more if I didn't get harassed by their so-called finest every time I drive in. But, thanks to the ex, it's just a wonderful part of my life now. I really have no point in venting about that except to say, GET A LIFE AND STOP FOLLOWING MINE!
Which brings us to the here and now, where the laundry is sucking my will to live. We've come full circle, all in one quaint little blog posting.