First Day of the Rest of My Blog

Everyone else is doing it, why not me? I got the free time, and I got stuff to say, so here I am to say it. If you don't like it, DON'T LOOK AT IT.
My car hates me. I have several theories as to why, one major one being who her co-owner/non-co-owner is, but regardless as to why, she hates me. And yes, she's a she. Anyway, I took her to Kwik Kar today because the A/C has been going out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And when the weather is nice, ain't no thang. But yesterday, YESTERDAY, in 95 degree heat and 5 o'clock particularly bad traffic, not so much. The dang car would blow nothing but hot air. If it were just me, I could handle it. I lived for quite a few years with a truck that had no A/C, and I could just roll down the window and I was fine. But with a one year old, nuh-uh. So this morning, I woke up, loaded up The Smoodge (that would be the one year old), and drove to Kwik Kar. Of course, on the drive, the A/C was working fine. Of course. So I told the little asian man at the joint what was going on. Went inside. Sat for a few minutes. Those of you with a toddler knows that the ease in which that is typed is NOT the same as to how it actually happens. And after The Smoodge successfully tore three magazines into unrecognizable paper piles, we got up to head over to the Sonic, which was next door. I let the small asian woman know where we were going, and she insisted we go over to the small asian man and tell him again what's going on. So we do. And he tells me that he can't fix it when there is clearly nothing wrong. Are you KIDDING ME? I'm sorry, but he wasn't in the car with me yesterday, and while nothing might be wrong at that moment, yesterday, something was VERY CLEARLY WRONG. So he lets me know that I will have to bring it back when it's not working, because while it is working, he can't fix it. And that is why my car hates me. Not just because the A/C is schizophrenic, but because the A/C will always work when it's convenient to take it to the shop, and ALWAYS go out when it's not. Let that be a lesson to all of you.
Smoodge got her face painted today for the first time. I was going to post a picture of how adorable she looked, but I am apparently not smart enough to figure that out yet. Of course, the face painting didn't last very long. After her nap she got to enjoy peeling it off and leaving little wax droppings on the floor. You could still see a little bit of the green once she had done that, so it looked like she had a bruise on her cheek. And I'm sure that's what she'll tell CPS...
Then on to Cracker Barrel, where I got to have lunch with my oldest friend. They sure are proud of their meals. This was only the second time I had been to a Cracker Barrel, and I think I was more intrigued by the merchandise than the food. And that is sad.
And now I'm home. Blogging. Like the rookie I am. Oh sure, I've had other blogs, like this one, where I kept track of my pregnancy with The Smoodge. Boy, those sure were different days. And yes, I'm aware I used the same opening line. Get off me. I'm doing this one now for one simply complicated reason: I read about a billion blogs at night once The Smoodge goes to bed and I get frustrated because nobody updates as often as I read them, because nobody has nearly as much free time as I do, and so I thought to myself, Self, blog your own damn self. So I did, and I am, and you are. Or something. We'll see how long I can make a run at it.


Anonymous said…
Welcome to the wonderfully wide world of wacky blogging!

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