My brain. It's gone. And I miss it. Wait. What was I doing here?

Get Monkey ready for shower.

Notice Monkey needs her nails clipped after shower.

Think to myself I need to go into dining room and get clippers, which are on my desk.

Get Monkey settled in shower, washing hair, etc.

Leave Monkey in bathroom to go into dining room to get clippers, located on my desk.

Walk 25 to 30 feet to dining room, specifically to desk.

Turn on light on desk to facilitate finding clippers.

Notice post it notes in middle of desk instead of in its proper place under the monitor.

Note the name and phone number on top post it of potential interview.

Remove top post it and stick to computer in highly visible place so I don't forget to return the call during business hours.

Move remaining post its to appropriate place.

Straighten a few other askew items.

Turn off light on desk.

Walk back into the bathroom.

Finish bathing the Monkey.

Go to clip Monkey's nails.

Wonder what the hell I did with the clippers.

Realize I never got the clippers.

Wonder where exactly I left my brain and how do I get it back.

This happens to me all. the. time.


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