It's not pot. Probably.

Two weeks.  It's been two weeks since I planted the first seeds.  And do I have sprouts?

No.  No I do not.

So I've decided to change directions a bit.

See, in Texas, tomato and cucumber plants, even strawberries, are flourishing and flowering.  Here in Misery, we are still in 40 degree weather.

This is foreign to me.

Also foreign?  The tornado drill (OMG I HOPE ITS A DRILL) that is happening right now.  Sirens and all.  I am writing this and resisting the urge to cower in the fetal position in my basement.

Basements are also foreign to me.

But back to the plants.

I was telling my grandmother that none of my seeds had sprouted.  She asked where I had them.  I said outside.  She said duh.  Not really, but she could have.  Basically, the weather here is still too arctic for anything to be motivated to sprout.  And understandably so.  I have a hard time getting out from under my covers in the morning.  Basically my veggies and I are a bit of the same.

So I've brought them inside and put a light on them, per Grandma's advice.
Yes, they are on my desk.  That's the only place I really have an adjustable light!  They are sitting on top of my printer, safely covered with an old towel.  And because I realize the light is stronger on one side, I'm turning it every 12 hours.

If this doesn't work?  I'm gonna be pissed.


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