Extraneous Gardening

Today I made absolutely no progress what so ever on the vegetable garden.  It is what it is.  I've moved on from it, so should you.

Instead I finished clearing out the area I planted a few rose bushes in.  I had put them into the ground this weekend, clearing out only the spots I intended to put the flowers into.  Today I went ahead and cleared the remaining area.  Mostly.
As you can see, they are pathetic little knobby things that have a lot of growing to do.  There is also a pile of leaves and weeds waiting to be put into trash bags as well, but we're not going to focus on that at the moment.  The one on the far left is a red tea rose bush, hand picked by the magnificent Monkey herself.  The middle one will be a red and yellow blush rose bush, and then the one on the right are my yellow (tea) roses of Texas :)  I'm really hopeful they take root and flourish there.  They will get full sun until probably 1 or so, and then the sun will be blocked by the ladis.  For reference, the vegetable garden is being put in on the other side of that.

Then the Monkey, my niece, and I loaded up into the car and went to the hardware store to grab a few flowers to put in another bed.  I thought it would be a fun way for the girls to put together their own little area that is a little more immediately satisfying.
They didn't put in the bushy things, or the tree.  Or the rocks.  Just the flowers.  And they were such good little helpers.  Cleared out all the sticks, then carried the sticks to their designated pile, then shoveled all the weeds and what not into a trash bag for disposal.  They carefully picked each spot all 16 of the flowers went into.  I have absolutely no idea what they all are.  Wait. Not true.  The pink ones in the middle and the yellow ones that will bloom in the front will be snap dragons.  The rest I have no idea of.  The stick labels are still outside somewhere, I guess I should probably go figure that out, huh?

Anyway, tomorrow will resume with the vegetable garden.  Also?  Tomorrow is the seventh day after I planted the first batch of seeds.  I not even a little bit concerned that I haven't seen a single one of those little shits poke up through the dirt.  At all.

Out of curiosity, when is too soon to panic?  Is now?

How about now?


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