Garden Master, Part 2

Because I am one of those people that gets on a kick about something and works the bloody hell out of it, of course I was back outside today diligently slaving over my potential gardening area.  Here's a daylight pic of the spot with yesterday's progress:
I spent some time last night figuring up where I'm going to put everything.  Oh, and I also measured the bottom portion of the garden to so that I could accurately plan plant locations.  Turns out I was a bit off.  It's actually 12 x 6 on the bottom, 10 x 2.5 in that lower flower bed area, and I have no idea on the top, but the goal is to get at least a foot of width along there to plant the larger ones.

Assuming I can do that (oh I am going to do that), then I'll have the pumpkins and watermelons up in the top area.  This way as they start to grow larger, I can move the actual fruit onto the ledge and keep a better eye on them.  The cilantro, swiss chard (still don't know what this is), carrots, and peas will go into that middle flower bed area.  I am assuming 2 sq ft for each of those will be enough room, and I'm sure if it's not I'll quickly find out.  Plus, again, there is that ledge to maneuver plants that allow for it onto.  The bottom portion I'll be able to put the remaining six plants into, six rows two feet wide.  Cucumbers against the ladis (so I can train them to grow up it if needed), then a row of big tomato plants, then a row of the small, then green peppers, then the banana peppers, and finally against the wooden timber will be the strawberries.  That's everybody right?  I think so...

Anyway, today I was able to finish hoeing (HAHAHAHAHA...I'm SORRY, that's STILL funny to me) the rest of the bottom garden, then raked all of the middle and top gardens, and hoed (*snicker) about half of the middle garden.  See?
I'm going to need to dig a lot of the dirt out of the bottom garden so I can replace it with better soil and horse poop.  Depending on how much comes out with ease, I may or may not have to do some serious weed killing.  Hopefully that's stuff I can get done within this next week so the ground has time to marinate in the good stuff (soil and horse poo...not weed killer...) that before I have to start moving plants into it.  I should also mention that I'm picking up some strawberry plants on Tuesday that I have no idea what to do with.  I mean, eventually they'll go into the ground, but I'm not sure if I can put them into pots until the garden is done or if I basically have to have that side of it finished by Tuesday night.

Guess I should find out, huh?


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