Sunday Bloody Sunday

Alright, I know it's more than a little cliche, but I couldn't get that song out of my head once I thought it, so now I make you all suffer...Mwah ha ha ha..ha......ha.....

Anyway, yeah, today's Sunday. I posted earlier, all sadness and gloom and ick, but I'm feeling much better now. My Smoodge is home where she belongs, and my apartment is mostly clean. I say mostly and not all the way because the vacuum cleaner is now making a nest for itself in the dumpster, and once it broke, my cleaning rhythm was disrupted, and I found it hard to get myself back in the groove. Does that happen to anyone else? You start a task, get trucking along, really in the groove, and some random thing happens and you find yourself with the perfect excuse to lay on the couch watching some random movie? Anyone? No? Just me? Okay, never mind then. But the apartment is mostly clean. The only thing I have to finish is laundry. And okay, maybe the bathroom could use a little bit of cleaning. And obviously the hallway and the bedroom still need to be vacuumed. Oh, and now there's some dishes in the sink from dinner. And my desk still needs to be organized and windexed (glass top). And The Smoodge's toys need to be picked up. But other than that, mostly clean.....

I also watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the first time ever today. Apparently there is also a Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but I have not seen that. I have only seen the Charlie one. I also did a bit of wikipedia-ing on the subject, not wanting to embarrass myself too much on the subject (too late), and discovered that it was actually a book by Roald Dahl. I'll get back to this in a minute. First, I want to say that all those children, every last one of them, got on my very last nerve. I would have had a very hard time not holding them under that supposedly very hot chocolate river until they had stopped kicking. And what scares me the most? I KNOW SOME OF THOSE KIDS. I'm actually related to a couple of them. I know, that Charlie kid is supposed to be a good kid and all, but seriously. That little kiss ass. Who does that? Second, Willie Wonka looked a little bit like a pedophile. Scratch that, he looked A LOT like a pedophile. Actually, he looked a bit like what Michael Jackson would look like if he still had a nose. And wore a top hat. See? Pedophile. Third, Violet's mother is totally into nose candy. You know she is. Come on! Those crazy eyes, skinny, always going going going? You know she was totally sneaking away to do a rail off the toilet seat. Best part of the whole movie? When the puppet show caught on fire. THAT was hilarious. I almost coughed up a lung. Second best part? The puppet infirmary later on the flick. That was reference hilarious.

Okay, now back to the book part. So the book, when it was first introduced, had the Oompa Loompa's as dark skinned and skinny African pygmies who worked for cacao beans. But then there was outrage by the NAACP and a few other folk because they claimed it was racist, and it was changed so that the Oompa Loompa's (that is a weird word to type, btw) were described as having long golden brown hair and rosy white skin. Is it just me, or is that just about the stupidest thing you've ever heard? Who is this racist against? Oompa Loompa's? And why on earth would it be racist? Are Oompa Loompa's a real race? And why is it not okay for them to be dark skinned, skinny, and from Africa, but perfectly acceptable for them to match a caucasian stereo-type?

In re-reading that, I realize that some of you may think I'm sitting here typing this wearing a white bed sheet and a pointy hat, and I'll have you know that's simply not true. It's a blue bed sheet, and I don't have a pointy hat. Kidding, kidding. Take that last paragraph however you want, it doesn't matter much to me. To be honest, I don't care where Oompa Loompa's come from. And I could get into this whole long diatribe about how I think certain group's just like to get their panties in a bunch for public viewing just so they can be covered by the media, but the media does a WAY better job at that than I do, so feel free to tune into CNN. As for me and my Oompa opinion, we're going to take a shower, and then we're off to bed.


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