Good or Bad?

I'm not sure which of those categories this day falls into.  Or this week really.  It's just been one of those...?

Monday was the day the (son of a bitch) ex took The Smoodge and didn't bring her back like he was supposed to.  That was bad.  I filed a report with SAPD.  That was eh.  I was told by SAPD to have New Braunfels PD escort me to his residence to pick her up.  That was hopeful.  NBPD says they don't do that...for anyone.  Seriously, like they needed to clarify.  Which tells me that they DO do it, just not when it involves a member of their own.  That was bad.  Then the officer, Frank Moreno (oh yeah, I'm gonna call you out), tells me that while NBPD doesn't do that (for anyone), the Constable does, and would I mind waiting a few minutes for one to call me?  That was promising.  The constable calls, and they don't do that without a judges order.  Which is confusing, because I thought that's what the divorce decree was.  Apparently not.  Even though it's signed by a judge.  So that decree I've been walking on pins and needles to abide by?  Not enforceable.  At least according to the SAPD, the NBPD, and the CCC.  Highlight?  The ex's job has it on record that he doesn't follow court orders.

Tuesday was fairly uninteresting, with a three hour car ride to Houston with the boss.  He's a funny dude, so it wasn't too bad.  The meeting went okay, actually went really well for us, and then lunch at the Katy Mills mall before hitting the 3 hour drive back home.  Very neutral.

Today?  Wellll....  Today I went and checked out a new daycare that I would love to get The Smoodge into.  They seemed awesome.  Except.  They want just shy of 10 billion dollars to get her enrolled.  They also want all of the daycare costs for the month up front, whereas now I pay weekly.  That's sort of a problem.  I am hoping they will work with me on it, but won't know for sure until I call and talk to them tomorrow.  *fingers crossed!!!  Once back at work, I've finally been able to pin down what my title there should be.  Crutch.  At some point during the day, every single department came to me at some point for help.  For things I don't do.  Which means for the things I do do (hehe, do do), they don't get done.  Or I'm left doing them into the wee hours of the night.  Which I don't have the energy to do while the Mountain Cedar is attempting to kill me.  Once that was over, I went to go pick up The Smoodge at the daycare, am backing out of my parking space, and some woman tries to jam herself into the empty space next to me while I'm backing out.  Nice.  Now the front driver side of my car is all scratched to crap.  I seriously don't see how that could have been my fault.  She KNEW I was leaving.  Ugh.  But I'll have to wait for the adjuster and liability hoo-ha to come out and assess fault.  I'm hoping it's hers.  *fingers crossed!!!

Then there's the phone call from the current stalker.  I'm gonna have to come back to that later, because I just don't know where I'm going to pull the energy from to rant about THAT GUY.  I'm just too exhausted from the lack of definition.  Or something.

*side bar- in rereading this post, I realize I've used the phrase 'do do' twice.  Not sure what that means, but now I have go to the bathroom.  Coincidence?  Or more like my intestines are sending me subliminal messages?