If I had waited three more days before posting this it would be officially a month since my last post. It's just like me to go and ruin it by posting something today. Ah, well.
It's just that time of year, or some other excuse that will cause you to nod your head and say, yeah, I totally get it, and that's a perfectly acceptable reason as to why this blog now has cobwebs and dustbunnies, and a cracked foundation due to unuse. Whatever, get over it.
I'm currently at work, and using this blog to procrastinate from cleaning my desk. Which, if you know me, you know that the fact that I have to clean my desk at all means things have been buuuuuuuusy. So here I am, cleaning. Not cleaning like with the Pledge and dust rag, but cleaning as in trying to make my way out of the four hundred seventy five stacks of paper keeping me hidden in a papercave. Oh wait, just found another, make that four hundred seventy six....
And now I've got to get back. Insert empty promise of blogging again here. ;)


me. said...

it's about time you posted on here again.