Random Chatting

Because I'm too lazy to put a real post up here (give me a break, this makes two in one day!), I'm putting up a conversation had between two coworkers over chat.

Coworker 1: guess what
 Coworker 2: what?
 Coworker 1: i drew coworker 3 for secret santa gifts
 Coworker 1: any ideas....
  what on earth should i get her??
 Coworker 2: facial laser hair removal
 Coworker 1: that's thoughtful
 Coworker 2: maybe a wax kit?
 you could get her a bear...
  or more shrubbery
 Coworker 1: she listed her favorite color as chinese blue
 Coworker 2: wtf is chinese blue?
 Coworker 1: not a clue
 Coworker 2: i'm googling it.....
 Coworker 1: lol
  i bet it's like a royal blue
  just funny way to say it
 Coworker 2: wow...the googling does not even remotely narrow it down
  there's about a billion shades
  get her a gift card to the megaplex
  i TOTALLY would do that
  shit, I might do that anyway
 Coworker 1: she also indicated that she likes christian music and puzzles
  jigsaw not just sudoku
 Coworker 2: wow
  that makes me sad
 Coworker 1: i've got to go shopping!!!!!!
 Coworker 2: seriously, i'm thinking megaplex gift cert.
 because she will give that back to you, and honestly? what's better than the gift that keeps on giving? isn't that what xmas is all about?
 Coworker 1: lol
  i'm all stocked up
 Coworker 2: but I'M not, and see, from there you can give it to's a christmas miracle