The First of Many, I'm Sure

I previously mentioned that I've started up the online dating thing again.  I also mentioned how stupid that was of me.  Proof of that is what I was sent today as someone who was deemed as a match for me:

im very out going persons love to have fun but im not rich. i do have a car but it very old. but i do have a job. and i have a little girl. but she live with her movies

Um.  What?

First, those of you reading this, would you have ever SERIOUSLY thought that someone who writes like that would be a MATCH for me?  If so, I am severely delusional about myself.

Second, he's very outgoing persons?  Like, more than one?  Is this a conjoined twin situation or just multiple personalities?  And are they all outgoing and fun, or just the one typing the profile?  Do they have different names?  Crap, what if they have different profiles?  How many more of THIS GUY am I gonna get matched to?

Third, his kid lives with movies?  Like at a theater?  Or is it that she's live with movies?  Like in them.  Live.  On TV.  And if that is the case, why isn't he rich?  He should get her a better agent.

See?  Told you this would be fun.  Look at all the fun we're having.  LOOK AT IT.


christina said...

oh that is absolutely hilarious!

Catkins said...

Ha! Hahaha. Ha.
Ok, I'm done. That's pretty funny. And the English major in my is cringing at that whole thing. You should ask him about the multiple personalities. See if you like a different one better.