I have to be, without any doubt in my mind, the most BORING person ever.  I'm here, staring at this blank page, after having a beautiful Saturday during which I would think to myself, 'ooooh, that would be GREAT to blog about.'  And now?  Nothing.  Nuh. Thing.  And I'm completely bored with the inane topics I'm trying to force upon the few of you that happen to stumble upon this thing...

Maybe that's the problem.  Writing for others instead of myself?  Wow.  That took a turn I was not expecting.  Delving into the inner workings of who do I write for.  I've taken a few minutes to toss that around in my head for a second, and I'm not sure that anyone can honestly answer that as anything other than for someone to read their words.  So that they can feel like their voice matters, even if it is to some 12 year old boy in the middle of Malaysia.  Anyone who says they write on a blog for themselves is full of shit.  Send them to me.  I'll argue them into submission.

What was I saying?  Oh right.  BOR-ING.  So why bother?  Mostly because I'm hoping I'll be inspired.  I'm hoping at some point the word vomit will evolve into something of shape rather than the mass ramblings of a crazy person.

Has that happened yet?  Nope.

Today was the first day of my five day weekend, so THAT was exciting.  Except I think the magnitude of everything that is happening is finally beginning to hit me and my head felt a leeeeettle bit like there were tiny flies inside hammering with tiny metal mallets on my nerve endings.  And the back of my eyeballs.  AND as exciting as I claim the day to be, we didn't. do. shit.  We attempted to, but were promptly thwarted.  There is a park that everyone is telling me would be great for pictures, so I loaded up the monkey and the gear and away we went.  We get there, and you'll never guess who was snoring like a trucker in the backseat.  Despite my best attempts to wake her up, it was not gonna happen.  So we drove home.  I brushed my hair and put on a bra and pants for nothing.  It was a gorgeous day though.  It really is a shame we weren't able to shoot a bit.  Tomorrow the monkey spends the day with her dad, so no pictures for me.

BUT.  That does mean that I can go for a run, which I haven't been able to do for awhile (thank you very much crappy weather).  My mileage this week is über low.  But I'm not too worried about it at the moment.  I had, so far, signed up for two events, and I've cancelled one of them.  The other one I'm not sure that I'll be able to do yet.  But that all relates to the thing I can't talk about publicly but would really, really, REALLY like to.  All in good time, my pretties....aaaaall in good time.

Where was I?  Oh right, the running.  And in rereading, I've discovered that's all I really had to say, so I can probably delete this part.  Will I?  Nope.

What else, what else....?

I got nothing.  Wait.  Where the hell did my spell check go?!


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