Day 80-bazillion of mandatory PTO

That's right folks.  I'm STILL on PTO.  But at this point?  I don't mind it so much.  Do you have any idea how long the human body is capable of laying motionless on a couch?  Psh.  And y'all say I don't have goals...

Today's the pre-cursor to that so-called holiday that retailers love and consumers get sucked into.  Oh yeah, and the day where people get all kissy-faced and stupid.  That's right, I just called some of you stupid.  Not all the time, but seriously, you know on this one day you are.  Deal with it.

What was I talking about?  Oh right.  So pre-cursor, because the monkey has the valentine's day party at school, which means last night we had to do the cards, which aren't really cards, they are really just ring pops with stickers on it that have her classmates names on them.  Candy with a personal touch.  Score when you're three.

That's not the point though.  The point was that since she has this party today, we had to sign up to bring something.  And I signed up for sandwiches.  Silly, silly me.  At the time, I thought that would be simple.  I'd go to some grocery store and pick up a party plate of sorts with sandwiches.  They totally sell those, right?  So this morning on our way to the daycare (which I was in no hurry to get to because I had no where to be except for couch-laying training) we veered off our normal course to hit up our friendly neighborhood grocery chain.

And this is where the sandwiches are no longer part of the story.  Mostly I just wanted to relate we were in the car on the way to daycare this morning for longer than usual.  That probably would have been easier to say, huh?  And in case you're now committed to the sandwiches part, I couldn't find any damn sandwiches, intead I got those kits of random meat, crackers, and cheeses.  Lunch-ables on 'roids, basically.

In the car.  Longer than usual.  So the monkey had time to engage in some play with whatever random smattering of toys that have managed to breed from her bedroom into my car (do NOT EVEN get me started on that).  Today's offspring included a beanie baby tie dye teddy bear (really?  tie dye?  why hasn't someone put that on the list of things that should be buried in a time capsule and forgotten about?  like glitter).  So she's talking to the bear, I'm only half paying attention because I'm listening to the Grammy performance of Lady Gaga and Elton John on my ipod (awesomeness) (the performance, not the ipod) (I mean, the ipod's ok, but....ugh, never mind).  When suddenly I catch the conversation and realize my daughter is talking about the fake bear pooping.

I'm no child psychologist, but WTF?  Is my kid really having the 3 year old conversation equivalent to 'Do bears shit in the woods?'  And more importantly, which side of that conversation is SHE on?

Out of curiousity when I got home, I googled 'toddler talking about bear pooping' (you heard the part about me being off work for like the gazillionth day in a row right?  okay then, stop judging me) and got this (click on the word 'this.'  it don't show up to good with the current layout. guess I should fix that, huh?).

My mind is literally blown.  Also, mine should get here between 5-7 business days.


Anonymous said...

I love bear poop. Priceless! xD

Robin said...

that's hilarious! she totally needs a i heart bear poop shirt!