Um. Hi.

To say its been awhile since I last posted would be kinda stupid, because it's been more than 'awhile'. In fact, to be honest, without looking, I couldn't tell you when the last time was. Or what it was about. Probably something insanely boring.

So here I am again, new year and all, trying to decide whether or not to pick this thing back up and what to write about. I got nothing. Buckle your seat belts for some ramblings.

I've started running. Not just to get in shape or lose weight, because, well, that hasn't worked so well for me in the past. So I've set different goals. To participate in a triathlon. I've even registered for my first one. As well as for a 5K, which I see as a good way to measure how I'm doing. Or to thoroughly embarrass myself. Probably more of that last one...

I registered today for The Rookie Tri. You can read about it here if you care. Or if you want to come so you can point and laugh. I'll be the one finishing last. I'm EXTREMELY nervous about it. One, because I see those pictures of all the people who look like they could really use a good burger, and, lets be honest here, I've had more than my fair share. Two, because there are like...transitions and shit. And I don't know how to do those. See, I've never been a runner. Or a biker. Or a swimmer. And now I've signed up for something that is going to make me do all three in a specific order. Smart, huh? I can completely see myself jumping into the water and the race directors being all 'ma'am, the race hasn't started yet...' So, like I said, feel free to come on down for a good point and laugh session. What's that saying? Oh yeah, laughter is the best medicine, and I'm sure watching me try to bungle my way through this is gonna medicate the bejesus out of you.

I also registered for my first 5K. It's in 27 days. I am not at ALL panicking. Never mind that currently I can't run for 30 minutes straight, much less 3.1 miles. But I'm working on it, and hopefully in 27 days I'll at least be able to run the majority of it.

So much drivel, so little ways to make it interesting on a blog.

The monkey is growing like a weed as well. No seriously. She's not a baby anymore. She's like...this...little girl now. That likes dresses, and fixing her hair, and make up, and all that other girly crap I only started doing to myself like....a week ago. Crazy right? She's also got more attitude than she knows what to do with. Her current power play is peeing herself. How awesome is that? She is completely potty trained, even at night, NO DIAPERS EVEN IN THE HOUSE, yet at daycare, it's a non-stop piss-fest. We're working on it though.

Wow. I'm boring myself.

I have other topics. The current ex situation, where he has hired an attorney to modify our divorce decree. The work situation, which is probably something I will have to write abstractly about. And in code. So I don't get fired and all. The love life situation, which is non-existent, so that kinda covers that. Again, all this goes back to how I want this blog to develop, or if it's simply going to be a mass of word vomit.

I'm thinkin' word vomit.


Anonymous said…
i think you should keep blogging
Me said…
Thanks Robin :)
Anonymous said…
how did you know it was me???
Anonymous said…
how did you know it was me???

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