Creepy video of the mythical Chupacabra. Actually, the video itself is not creepy. And if you didn't know about the Chupacabra, then you would wonder why the hell I'm linking to a video of a dog's ass. Well, that's because it's not just any ole dog's bum, it's a Chupacabra. Which we've seen before, and some people may think is related to the Montauk monster (which I first read about here). It's not though. Ours is cooler, and still slightly mythical, and sucks goats. That Montauk one? All it does is die on the beach (apparently), have mange, and join gangs (hence the bandanna around it's arm). Ours tries to outrun the fuzz. BEAT THAT MONTAUK! Also, my favorite part of the Chupacabra video is when Officer Tubby yells 'Yeeooh!'. Welcome to Texas, y'all!

In slightly other news, last night was the Perseid meteor shower, which had the potential to be really cool, except San Antonio decided to suck and pull some cloud cover. Granted, I didn't go out in the boonies to see this, and the odds were pretty slim I'd see them from my balcony. But guess what? I did! I saw one, and it looked like a slow moving firework streaking across the sky. Had the geek at work not informed of the meteor shower, I would have promptly made a tin foil hat to wear and armed myself with a squirt bottle. I should interject that I am VERY afraid of aliens. I know, it's irrational. I also have a fear of dinosaurs. And birds. But that's for another post. Right now it's the aliens. I completely blame it on my aunt who at the tender age of ONE forced me to watch E.T. Despite being scared, she still made me watch the WHOLE MOVIE, in the THEATER. Which I did. Backwards. I sat there for two hours and listened to that creepy little sausage fingered alien sucker children into believing aliens are nice. I only think it may have scarred me a little bit.

I didn't mean for this blog post to be so awesome in it's linkage-ness, but behold, the multiple links in which to occupy your day! Enough drivel for now, back to the grind!


TEXAS CHUPACABRA! We're on the map!

God, I love living here.

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