It's 1:30 in the stinkin' morning and I'm still working.  Technically, I'm taking a break from working, but still.  The point is the same.  And the only reason why I'm taking a break anyway is because if I have to write the letters ST, OT, or DT one more time, I'm pretty sure that the twitch in my left eyelid will turn into a full blown seizure.  

To make matters even more AWESOME, my uterus is pumping enough estrogen through my body to qualify any of my actions as those of the legally least that's what my defense will be...

I wish I had more interesting things to say.  I guess I could talk about how The Smoodge familiarized herself with the Heimlich Maneuver today, but my brain is on the fritz right now, so ask me about it later.  Or how I had an interesting debate with a friend in the office today about...crap, I completely forgot.  I know it was interesting because I remember there being laughing, but as to got me.  Crap, how's that for a story.

Okay, back to the grind.  I'd like to get at least 20 minutes of sleep tonight.


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